Learning activity C2 in Helsinki, Finland, 15 April - 21 April 2018

Pupils attended workshops on these topics:

  1. Research on standards in different zoos. The researched zoos included zoos in Bojnice, Bratislava (Slovakia), Leipzig (Germany), Konya (Turkey), Korkeasaari zoo in Helsinki (Finland), zoos in Jerez and Córdoba (Spain). The research also focused on the comparison of breeding standards of animal species and endangered species in particular, the contribution of zoos to biodiversity, cooperation with different institutions, preservation of gene pool, animal health care, successful reintroduction of animal species into the wild nature. Pupils presented the results of their research in Powerpoint presentations.
  2. Scientific research on biological diversity in Uutela Recreation area. Pupils worked in international teams and tried to do active research on biological diversity by filling in worksheets. Each team had to provide feedback on the results of their research and provide feedback.
  3. A polemic dispute on the protection of animals and their rights in German and English. The main topic of the dispute was “Animals rights and their protection”. Pupils held for-and- against debates in international teams supervised by teachers. There were four subtopics: “Do animals have rights?”, “The history of animal rights movements”, “Laws for the protection of animals”.
  4. Creating a project poster about the protection of animals. Pupils worked together in teams to create project posters by using multimedia.

This learning activity also included attending a lesson about the European lynx and its preservation in Finland, a lecture about Ähtäri zoo and Snowpanda resort. Pupils and teachers also participated in a field trip to Korkeassari zoo. We learned about its preservation programmes especially of the amur leopard. Another field trip to Sipoonkorpi National Park enabled us to appreciate biological diversity and hiking in unspoilt landscape.

This learning experience was enriched by visiting Natural History Museum where we had a  guided tour in “The Finnish nature” exhibition.

The third international competition in designing the project poster was held to evaluate pupils´ creative works of art. Pupils and teachers voted for the best poster. The winning poster was  made by Michaela Laukova from class 8A at Piarist United School of St Joseph Calazans in Nitra, Slovakia.

Learning tasks were accompanied by the concert of pupils at Vuosaaren lukio.

One of the highlights of this activity was certainly the visit of Unesco World Heritage Site  Suomenlinna.

Finally, pupils evaluated the activity via online evaluation questionnaires. Teachers shared the methodological portfolio of Biology lesson plans.


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