Pupils introduced their schools via photobooks. They participated in workshops on these topics: research on the protection of the European bison in Slovakia and Anatolian wild sheep in Turkey, Andalusian horses in Spain and Lipizzan horses in Slovakia, comparing projects which protect the lynx in the mountain range Harz in Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany) and in Andalusia (Spain), research on the protection of bats in Slovakia and Finland. Pupils worked in international teams and presented the results of their research on the chosen animal species in the form of Powerpoint presentations in English. Pupils compared the results of their research and the protection of animal species, they used questionnaires and looked for similarities and differences which were presented via Powerpoint presentations. Creative activities were also included in these workshops.

A trip to the nature reserve and visiting a museum in the mountain range Harz was also a part of the learning activities. Pupils found out how the lynx is being preserved and protected in this area. A presentation and a trip to the local zoo in Köthen enriched pupils´ learning experience.

The first international competition in designing the project logo took place at this event. Each partner school provided 2 winning logos from national competitions. Teachers and pupils voted for the best logo. The winning logo is from partner school Vuosaaren lukio in Helsinki, Finland. Pupils and teachers agreed on the design of project T-shirts.


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