We arrived in Köthen after a long journey from Konya.After we put our luggages to our rooms,we went to the restaurant to meet our friends for dinner.
On Monday morning,we went to hosting school “Ludwigsgymnasium” to start working on the Project.A warm and friendly welcome programme was waiting for us.It was really impressive and great.And then each country seperated to observe the lessons at school.But we,Turkish school,went to another primary school to another town called Görzig.The teachers,deputies and also the staffs were so kind and friendly to us.Our children had really good time at school with other students.After lunch,we went to a festival called “Rose Monday”.It was a great experience for all of us.After this facility,we presented our “school books” to everyone.We finished the day with a delicious dinner.
On Tuesday, we and the Slovakian school made a workshop about “European Bison and Anatolian Wild Sheep” together while the other schools were working in their own groups.After lunch,all schools got together and we talked about what we did in workshops and showed our presentations again.Tuesday evening was unforgettable.All the students and the teachers from 5 countries played bowling .We enjoyed our evening so much.
On Wednesday, we went to Bad Harzburg by bus in two hours.It is an area where lynxes are under protection.We started our day with a presentation about lynx by an expert.We got on a cable-car(teleferic) to get the mountain.And then we walked on a snowy and icy way for along time to see the lynxes with a guide.The officer of lynx made explanations about these animals to the visitors.(unfortunately in German ).We watched the beautiful scene of lynxes and took photos of them.And then we came back to Köthen again.
On Thursday, Project groups visited the Tierpark Garden Zoo in Köthen while the coordinators of each countries were working on the next meeting in Finland.After dinner we all went to Leipzig for free time.We did Shopping and looked around.
We woke up to an exciting but a sad day.Because Friday is the last day of our working week in Köthen.On Friday morning was the Art Day.In our school,Ludwigsgymnasium,we made a competition for our project logo.The winner is the Finnish school.And then we studied on the t-shirt design.At the end of the day,in the evening there was a dinner and a party at school with students,teachers and parents of German students(hosting families).People from 5 countries had wonderful time alltogether.We brought unforgettable memories to our homes.



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