On 28 September 2017 pupils from classes 6.A, 7.A, III.A and III.B took part in a field trip to the zoo in Bojnice. Pupils were accompanied by teachers Mrs Krnáčová and Ms Hudecová. Pupils attended a lecture about “Animals in danger“ and went on a commented tour of the zoo given by a zoo-keeper. Pupils researched standards in the zoo and different endangered species which are bred in the zoo. The field trip enabled pupils to understand the issues of environmental crimes, threats to biodiversity and gene pool preservation.

On 5 October 2017 pupils from classes II.C, III.A, III.B and 6.A participated in a field trip to the zoo in Bratislava. Pupils were accompanied by teachers Mrs Kotruszová and Ms Štefániková. Pupils attended an educational programme entitled “Animals in danger“ held by an expert on breeding animals. Pupils went on a commented tour of the zoo. Pupils filled in research questionnaires on standards in the zoo. They focused on the contribution of the zoo to biological diversity, aim and mission of modern zoos, cooperation of the zoo with other international institutions, preservation of gene pool, reproduction of animals, conditions and animal care in the zoo.


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