• The first proposal is an imagotype, that is to say, an identifying icon, which in this case is the face of a lynx, and the logo, which simulates the letters constructed with leaves, reminding the natural environment of the animals.

Proposal 1

  • The second proposal integrates the name of the project and the face of a lynx, so that image and word are integrated. The two letters ‘o’ have been used to simulate the lynx’s eyes.

Proposal 2

  • The third proposal is similar to second type. In this case we have replaced one of the o letter by an animal’s footprint, which is framed by a red circle against the background. This design has a more universal character, as the footprint may belong to many animals. The colours evoke natural environments with a very vibrant green colour.

Proposal 3

  • In the fourth proposal, the chosen animal is a horse, and the typography, the letters are the same.

Proposal 4


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