Transnational learning activity C3 took place at Instituto Enseñanza Secundaria “Ategua” in Castro del Rio, Spain from 21st October 2018 to 27th October 2018. Activities for pupils involved a scientific discussion on the future perspective of zoos and their contribution to the protection of species and sustaining the diversity of animal species. Pupils also prepared their own designs and models of future zoos. Pupils presented their points of view in the form of various methods such as six thinking hats, mind maps and SWOT analysis.

Another workshop researched the protection and breeding programmes of the Spanish fighting bulls. Pupils and teachers held an interesting discussion about bull fights and presented their for-and-against arguments.

Spanish pupils presented their study on a healthy balanced diet and nutrition. A cookbook with recipes is one of the project results. Each partner school presented two recipes on a healthy balanced diet. In addition, all pupils cooperated with each other and set up a weekly menu which should have fulfilled the criteria of a healthy balanced diet. The menu consisted of typical dishes reflecting the national cuisines of all partner countries. Pupils had to consider the right amount of nutrients in individual dishes.

The third international competition in creating the best project comic was held on Art Day. The winning comic was designed by Finnish pupils. It will be printed as a postcard. Pupils also collaborated in groups and designed a comic together.

Educational activity also involved a lot of outdoor activities such as visiting Córdoba Zoo, UNESCO World Heritage Sites Alhambra and Medina Azahara and seeing the performance of the Lipizan horses at Royal Stables.

The farewell party was one of the highlights of the whole activity. The mutual meeting of teachers, pupils and their parents was accompanied by the beautiful performance of flamenco dancers and by tasting typical dishes of the Spanish cuisine – tapas dinner.