Meeting in Nitra from 5th May to 11th May

During this week, our pupils together with three teachers have met our Erasmus + project mates from Germany, Finland, Turkey and Slovakia in this lovely town. Here we have done some activities of the project involving attending lectures on the protection of animal species in an urbanised area, on the protection of species in a zoo garden in Bojnice, on the protection of animal species in the wild, as well as discussions regarding these issues. In addition, pupils have presented their final results of their research work on the different topics of the project and have also had the opportunity to express their conclusions about what has meant to them having such an extraordinary experience of working in an Erasmus + project like this one. We have also had a nice time travelling since we have visited interesting places such as the European Bison Preserve and National Stud Farm (Lipizzan horses), Bojnice Zoo and Castle, as well as Bratislava. On the last day we attended an amazing cultural event where we displayed an exhibition with posters and international cuisine. It has been an unforgettable meeting where Slovak host families and teachers have played a very important role, being friendly and helpful.