Four students and two teachers from Vuosaari Upper Secondary School attended the LTT- meeting in Nitra. The themes of the projects – zoos and protection of animals – deepened in breathtaking visits on a wisent enclosure, state stud farm of Lipizzan horses and the Zoo in Bojnice. The project culminated in a two-day seminar about project results and was finalized in the international farewell party.  Sightseeing in Nitra and the capital city Bratislava offered the Finnish students a glimpse of Slovakian life, not forgetting the warm hospitality of their host families.

Students of Vuosaari Upper Secondary School, Laura Möller, Matilda Nikkinen, Alvar Öhman and Nenna Halttunen and visited Slovakia for the first time. They found Piarist United School a highly interesting place to visit. They attended lessons and saw the daily life at the school. They found that the young people are very similar everywhere in Europe. They met students form Nitra, Germany, Spain and Turkey at the meeting. However, staying with their hosts was the best – they send their best greetings to the hosts Nikola, Martina, Marek and Valentina. Teachers visiting Nitra were Mrs Milla Käkelä and Mr Esa Teräväinen.

The meeting ended with a two day seminar at the Nitra Synagogue. There were interesting lessons concerning factory farming of chicken, protection work done at Zoo Bojnice and protection of bats in the western Slovakia. The second day was dedicated to the ZOOPAS-project. Each school presented the results of the project to the audience. Posters presenting the results were set up in the second floor of the Synagogue. The poster exhibition was available for the public in Nitra for a few weeks.

The final gala in Nitra was a memorable one. It was time to enjoy the companionship of teachers and students between the project schools, as well as with the parents, Nitra council members and the network of co-operation partners of the Piarist United School. We could enjoy speeches and art performances, and we as representatives of the partner schools had an opportunity to thank our coordinator Ms Tatiana Hudecovat for the enormous work she had done. And we must not forget the food at the gala. All the schools brought their national specialties for tasting and the consumption was guaranteed.

Laura, Matilda, Alvar and Nenna in Nitra

Disco at school on Thursday evening evening started with folk dance

Team Finland at the Synagogue

National food specialities for the audienence on Friday’s final gala