Education needs new challenges and it has to take a stand on the questions and trends of the present and future. Our project will deal with the link between the global and local aspects, contemporary phenomena and we will draw personal conclusions. Our project "Zoos versus the protection of animal species" will especially focus on preserving biological diversity. The main motto of our project work will be the quote by M. Gandhi: "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Scientists warn that the extinction of animal species is in full flow. European and local zoos greatly contribute to the preservation of these species.

The objectives of our project for all partner schools include improving the quality of education, enhancing key competences, outlining the solution to the problem via the cooperation of schools with European zoos, industry, parents and pupils, integrating pupils, developing and applying innovative approaches on local, regional and European level, developing media competence, European project work and intercultural communication at schools, supporting the acquisition of authentic foreign language competence by pupils and teachers, supporting the exchange of professional pedagogical experience among teachers of partner schools, integrating the school partnerships into teaching via eTwinning, developing involvement and expressing one´s opinion in the society.

5 national and 5 international work groups will be set up:

1. Work group for project management
2. Work group for public relations
3. Work group for setting up the methodological portfolio
4. Work group for workshops for pupils and teachers
5. Work group for the European week                     

About 25 pupils and 8-10 teachers in work groups will work actively in the project team at each partner school. We will cooperate with pupils, teachers, parents, directors of zoos, zookeepers, scientific institutions, universities and colleges, representatives of industry and politics, school administration, involved circles of scientists, representatives of mass media.