Hi, I´m Lenny, the lion. I´m the travelling mascot of the project. I´m proud to represent all animal species.I will visit each partner school and keep all my experiences on a memory stick in my rucksack. I look forward to my adventurous journey. Ready, steady, go!
Having a nap on the train to Strasbourg
In the company of these lovely ladies Elke and Margit at the railway station in Strasbourg
I´m participating in the 1st international meeting of teachers in Strasbourg. They are all very friendly to me.
Off to spend three months in Konya, Turkey. I´m very excited!
Enjoying my stay at Şükriye Onsun Primary School in Konya, Turkey 🙂
I arrived in Köthen on 11 February 2018. The journey from Konya was long and tiring but I had friendly companions. This week will be full of new experiences with pupils and teachers.
I am having a great time at Ludwigsgymnasium in Köthen.
Having a photo taken with pupils after a successful workshop on the European bison and Anatolian wild sheep
On 16 April 2018 I arrived at Vuosaaren lukio in Helsinki, Finland. I was welcomed by the Principal Mr. Paju.
It is quite difficult to brainstorm ideas, but luckily, I am surrounded by smart pupils.
Attending the workshop on zoos.
Presenting the results of the workshop on animal rights.
Relaxing in the teachers´ room at Vuosaaren lukio.
Ready for the first workshop on the future prospects of zoos at Ategua in Castro del Río, Spain.
Posing with the Slovak students who participated in the learning activity in Castro del Río.
I could see beautiful comics designed by pupils at the international competition. I liked all comics, but this comic made by the Finnish pupil Maria Kiviniemi was voted for the best one.
Here I am travelling to my final destination - Nitra with the Spanish team.
Visiting the romantic Bojnice Castle was an unforgettable experience.
Attending the panel discussion at the Synagogue in Nitra.
Being handed over to Mrs Iveta Zverkova, the head teacher of the coordinating school Piarist United School of St. Joseph Calasanz at the gala evening at the Synagogue.
Taking one last photo with the teachers of the Slovak project team. What a superb project! I am sad it is over but I am glad I could have experienced it all!
This is my home at the Piarist United School of St. Joseph Calasanz in Nitra, Slovakia. I feel very honoured.